Woodgate neighborhood is located one mile south of I-10, off Thomasville Road in Tallahassee, Florida.

Woodgate began in 1970 with about 70 homes. Today, there are nearly 300 homes in the area, attracting people from all over Tallahassee. Along with being zoned for Leon High School, Cobb Middle School, and Kate Sullivan Elementary, the neighborhood is in close proximity to hospitals, shopping centers, and malls.

Woodgate Day is a celebration that started in 1973 and has been an ongoing neighborhood event since. The day consists of games, food and just fun.

Woodgate also has a "pre" Veterans Day tailgate get-together the weekend before Veterans Day and an Easter egg hunt.

The local events are not subsidized by any outside factions, and the residents are proud to provide their time, energy and money to make these events successful, fun and most importantly, traditional.

Neighborhood Of The Year

Woodgate neighborhood is a past recipient of "Neighborhood Of The Year" Awards from the Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA), Leon County, and the City of Tallahassee.

1992 - Leon County
1993 - Council of Neighborhood Associations
1997 - Council of Neighborhood Associations
1997 - City of Tallahassee
2011-2012 - CONA/City Of Tallahassee Neighborhood Of The Year

Woodgate Residents

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Woodgate Neighborhood Association
Annual Dues

The Woodgate Neighborhood ssociation annual membership dues for 2017 are now being collected, and membership dues remain just $25.

It is with these dues that we as an association, your association, are able to fund neighborhood seasonal events such as the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt, Woodgate Day, and the Fall Tailgate Dinner; publish the Woodgate Way Newsletter; provide some small measure of comfort to our neighbors who are in need through the Woodgate Neighborhood Outreach Program; provide answers to your questions through the Community Relations Committee; and keep the Front Island entrance looking sharp.

Please make your check payable to WNA and remit your payment as soon as possible in the return envelope enclosed in this newsletter for your convenience to:

Woodgate Neighborhood Association
PO Box 13451
Tallahassee, FL 32317-3451
We now have an "open" FaceBook page where anyone can join and post messages. Please visit us at Woodgate Neighborhood

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Upcoming Events

Pet Walking
This is just a friendly reminder to please be considerate while walking your pets.

Remember to pick up after your animals and when walking on a sidewalk let your pet use the city grass side of the sidewalk . This reduces the dog scents left on neighbors lawns and shrubs which in turn reduces the number of visits by this pet or others looking to "mark" their territory.

Thank you for your kindness and consideration.

 (Updated - 4 Feb 2018)